A review of the persian wars

Command of the army was given to Sparta, that of the navy to Athens. The historical Xerxes can be found in the biblical story of Esther under the name Ahasuerus. Herodotus and Religion in the Persian Wars.

The Greek reaction, a creation of "Homer the Greek patriot" p. As it is, there are significant portions of the article completely devoid of citation, which will get you hammered at FAC. In bce the Greek city-states on the western coast of Anatolia rose up in rebellion against Persia.

The Persian Wars

Battle of Salamis Victory at Thermopylae meant that all Boeotia fell to Xerxes; the two cities that had resisted him, Thespiae and Plataeawere captured and razed. Citing sources to ensure your references are formatted correctly and consistently.

Battle of ThermopylaeBattle of ArtemisiumBattle of SalamisBattle of Plataeaand Battle of Mycale The allies had no 'standing army', nor was there any requirement to form one; since they were fighting on home territory, they could muster armies as and when required.

That night a tremendous storm destroyed the Persian squadron while the Greeks were safely in port. Bidding farewell to his strong wife and young son, he leads his men toward the eastern sea.

It follows for the most part a chronological order or, sometimes, the order of Herodotus' narrativewith an abundance of direct quotations and frequent spacing between paragraphs. These numbers are by ancient standards consistent, and this could be interpreted that a number around 1, is correct.

It is agreed Athens and Plataea had between 8, troops, for the Persian army it is believed between 25, If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click 'Authenticate'.

This film extended the reach of the franchise to battles that followed Thermopylae, finally ridding Greece of the Persian threat and boosting the confidence of Athens. Marginally part of this article, numbers of the Persians given by Herodotus or Ctesiasconsidered bloated bloated, of the Scythians completely unknown, casualties mysterious Ionian Revolt: Instead the Persian navy beached its ships and, joining a land army, fought a losing battle against a Spartan force led by Leotychidas.

Soon afterward, the Persian navy retreated to Asia. In the meantime, the Greeks decided to station their fleet in the Strait of Salamis. Being a history fan, I decided that I need to learn more about the Greco-Persian Wars.

This book was my first serious encounter with this part of history.

Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Peer review/Greco–Persian Wars

It was not an "easy" read, but it is a fascinating story that is explained in extraordinary detail for such a small book. Have elementary students examine the Persian Wars and read various Greek myth in order to identify the cause and the results of the Persian Wars.

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The term Greco-Persian Wars is thought to be less biased against the Persians than the more common name "Persian Wars," but most of our information about.

The Persian Wars Quiz Game Question Preview (ID: ) Below is a preview of the questions contained within the quiz game titled THE PERSIAN WARS: sgtraslochi.com. In this Persian Wars worksheet, students read and complete a variety of activities including labeling a map (included), reading primary sources, and answering comprehension questions.

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A review of the persian wars
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