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Known primarily for his involvement in the TV series "thirtysomething," Zwick came to Glory with only one previous feature film on his resume: Rachel McAdams plays Becky Fuller, a laid-off executive producer scratching and clawing for a new job in the industry.

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This is one of the points Glory emphasizes. As a white man and an officer, he is depicted as being separated from his men by a huge chasm - a divide he gradually closes through some of his actions obtaining shoes and uniforms for the men, agreeing to forego his own paycheck when they decline theirs, and pushing for them to go into battle and is finally able to bridge at the end.

Denzel commented on the role of Trip in an interview with the New York Times. In fact, nearlyfought for the North, and, at one point, the South issued a declaration that any black man taken prisoner in a Union uniform would be summarily executed.

After months of training and exploitation for physical labor, the Fifty-fourth gains the opportunity to fight in an attack on Fort Wagner on the beaches of South Carolina. He was truly overwhelmed by the thought of leading the troops, but idealistic and optimistic enough to give it everything he had and to make his family and title proud.

There are times when Shaw seems out of his depth, such as when he has Trip publicly flogged for desertion the standard punishment for the act, but, once the scars from past whippings on Trip's back are revealed, it is shown to be the result of poor judgment.

NBA point guard Kirk Hinrich was offered a role in the film, but chose not to participate "because of time constraints". Keep on the move My men come first of all, George.

Glory captures that triumph.

Glory (1989) Movie: Summary and Review

I just wanted to win the game. The paths of glory lead but to the grave. Even as I sit here for what must be the th viewing, I marvel, as acutely as I did in the very first viewing, that this tale has the compelling and overwhelming power to touch aesthetically, viscerally, profoundly and emotionally my sense of pride,injustice, soul.

One scene in particular earned him unanimous critical praise - as Trip is being flogged for desertion, the camera moves in for a close-up of Washington's face and holds there, showing an incredible range of emotion: Because of the outside forces aligned against them, the members of the 54th are exceptionally close.

The unofficial leaders of the group are gravedigger John Rawlins Morgan Freeman and fugitive slave Trip Denzel Washingtonrespectively representing the brains and heart of the organization.

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Racism in many forms is shown here: This pristine film will guarantee it so. Nothing is beyond those men once their fighting spirit is aroused Preparing for the assault on Ant Hill, just before dawn, Dax speaks to his officers in his bunker. Jun 07,  · Excellent Civil War movie has graphic violence, profanity.

Read Common Sense Media's Glory review, age rating, and parents guide.4/4. Glory Road is a American sports drama film directed by James Gartner, based on a true story surrounding the events leading to the NCAA University Division Basketball Championship (the historic name for what is now known as the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament).

Glory review – black humour and fatalism with a stiff shot of misanthropy

Don Haskins portrayed by Josh Lucas, head coach of Texas. Glory is, without question, one of the best movies ever made about the American Civil War (a.k.a.

Glory (1989)

"The War Between the States"). The reason isn't just the way in which Kevin Jarre's script illuminates a frequent oversight of history books, nor is it the fine acting or epic feel that director Edward.

Glory is a film that balances it shortcomings out with exceptional talent. Perhaps a lack of dimension in the characters is balanced with outstanding performances.

Any faults in the directing are made up by the detail put in to the film and the superior sound and score. This film is about a young executive producer's struggle to revive an unpopular morning show. I thought "Morning Glory" is just another romantic comedy that happens to be set in a television setting, but it pleasantly surprised me.

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